Cultural Activities

We offer Group and Private Classes to Teach Arabic
and other

languages from Asia and Africa to adult English speakers. Courses range from total beginners to intermediate and advanced levels teaching students how to speak, and courses that teach script, read and write the new language (with high emphasis on conversational skills using communicative interactive techniques, role play and audio and video instructional tools).

For Arabic classes we currently have two different streams of Arabic language courses (these two streams DO complement each other and build different but complementary language skills for anyone who wants to learn Arabic as a language to be used and not just studied for research, etc.):

- Colloquial Conversational Arabic courses: Strictly conversational colloquial Arabic courses which teach how to converse in Egyptian/Massri, Levantine Arabic and Gulf/Iraqi Arabic (you do not learn how to read or write, or speak Modern Standard Arabic which is the formal and only form of written Arabic, language of the news, newspapers, books, formal meetings, etc. and understood by the whole Arab world). These courses can be viewed as intensive language labs of dialogues and role play in colloquial Arabic.

- Modern Standard Arabic courses: (Read, write and speak MSA which is the language of the news, schools, books, formal meetings, only form of written Arabic.  Some major dialects will be touched upon from time to time as possible in classes but the main focus is MSA.)

The Centre also can offer custom designed courses for travel, business, media and journalism, activists, researchers or cultural notes and business etiquette in group or private sessions.

Class Times and Schedule

The Centre operates on a continuous enrollment basis accepting applications for regular evening or weekend group classes. We run classes when we have enough students to form a class.

Group language classes are held once a week and run for 8 weeks. A group language class needs at least 5 students for it to run. Smaller classes are considered semi-private classes (3 to 4 students).

Group Class: if FIVE or more fully paying students register then - 8 sessions of 2.5 hours each. No classes on long holiday weekends (UNLESS students and instructor agree to take the class that weekend then classes end one week earlier). Fee includes HST tax and applicable handouts $360.

SEMI-PRIVATE Class: if THREE OR FOUR fully paying students register then - 8 sessions of TWO hours each..


PRIVATE Classes: We also offer private tutoring in the Centre's premises for the rate of $80 for each 2-hour session.

Since the inception of the Centre we organized several cultural events including performances in music, dance, art, poetry and theatre.

The Beasts
Hesitantly; she came to ask, About the spread of corruption, She said: I heard many answers, But yet I’m still lost, Is it the media when it tells , It tells nothing but lies, Hey; pens of writers; when you write on papers, You compete each other in spreading rag and hatred, You little men how could you, Sell your souls to the gold and silver, Here; the human rights are gone with a black wind

و أتتني تمشي على استحياء
سألتني عن ناشر الفحشاء
ثم قالت كم من جواب سمعت
بيد أني في حيرة العشواء
أيكون الاعلام حين يبث
لا يبث إلا هرير افتراء
يا فحيح الأقلام في كل طرس
تتبارى في الحقد و البغضاء
كيف بعتم أرواحكم يا صغار
لعبيد البيضاء و الصفراء
فحقوق الانسان أمست هباء
لرياح مسودة الأنواء

Where is justice oh Lord?
There is no more authority for justice on earth
Where is the just judge who calls
For brotherhood, security and peace
If ever I was asked about the rights of weak people; I’d say: it is in the hands of the mighty ones
From the far lands they came to invade our homes, pretending they were friends

Claiming that they will free the people from their evil kings
Free the people from the corruption of the cruel rulers, those rulers who belong to them
The slaves of gold would never be loyal brothers and never faithful

اختلال الميزان
أين هذا العدل يا رب السماء
لم يعد في الأرض سلطان القضاء
أين من يحكم بالدل و يدعو
لأمان و سلام و إخاء
إن تسلني أين حق الضعفاء
فالحقوق في أيادي الأقوياء
من أقاصي الأرض جاءوا فاتحين
يظهرون في ثياب الأصدقاء
يدعون أنهم جاءوا لتحرير الشعوب
من شرور الأمراء
من فساد الحاكمين الظالمين المستبدين
و هم أهل الولاء
فمتى كان عبيد التبر اهلا
لولاء و إخاء و وفاء

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