“With Every New Language You Learn, You Liberate
A New Soul Inside Yourself.”
Friedrich Ruckert, German Poet

Mission Statement: CMESL will teach Arabic as well as other languages from the Middle and Near Easts as well as Africa adult students in a flexible, accessible, affordable and fun manner.

CMESL will also provide other related services and products that would help introduce these communities to the main stream community in Canada as people learn more about the languages, history, cultures, and people of these regions. We endeavor to empower and support members of these communities by providing employment and other opportunities to facilitate the growth of the underutilized talents of such communities.

CMESL welcomes and encourages members of these communities who are qualified to teach one of the offered courses, or propose their own courses/services that relates to our mandate, to contact us to explore opportunities of offering such services through the Centre.

The rich, complex and very sophisticated peoples of the region have been and are being unfairly misrepresented by the media through stereotypes and misinformation.

“I can’t recommend the centre highly enough.”

The atmosphere is welcoming and supportive, the class sizes are small, and the teaching is excellent and catered to students' needs and progress. I took Arabic 1 - 3 with Lucy, who is the best language teacher I've met. The course is geared for students with busy schedules, but the teaching is serious and we made remarkable progress. The classes helped me understand the language well enough early on to start picking up vocabulary on my own. The classes are an extremely high value for the price, and the small staff is generous, highly capable, and kind..” Jonathan

"I first came to The Centre for Middle Eastern Studies in the fall of 2006. Since then, I have enrolled in 5 group sessions, as well as some private lessons. Before coming to The Centre, I spent many months looking for a place to learn Arabic. After I first contacted The Centre, I was immediately impressed by the professionalism of its members and by how quickly I received replies to my inquiries. What kept me returning session after session was the quality of the instruction, the clear vision of The Centre and the genuine warmth of both Lucy and Mazen.

I have seen The Centre grow from two Beginner's Arabic classes to the wide range of language courses that it presently offers. Whether your aim is simply to acquire some conversational skills or you wish to be able to read Middle Eastern literature in its original form, I have no doubt that serious students will gain immensely from instruction at The Centre.

The classes are extremely well-organized and Lucy always puts together a lesson plan that fully incorporates readings, group discussions and authentic media. The private lessons are especially good if you want to focus on strengthening a particular language skill. Overall, I've found that Lucy creates an extremely positive atmosphere for learning, and I think that may be the most important factor for successfully learning a language.

I'm sure you can appreciate how difficult it can be to learn a new language as an adult; especially one that involves an entirely new script. I know a few people who have tried to pick up a new language but who haven't been able to see it through. I really think that without Lucy's encouragement and amazing approach to teaching that I would not have managed to make it so far. Lucy's classes presented the material in such an exciting and engaging way that I really felt like I was learning more than a language. " Kirk

What we do

The Centre specializes in providing language instruction in group and private courses for English speaking adults in a fun, interactive, communicative and flexible manner based on an audio-lingual method tailored to each class level and gives equal attention to the development of all language skills, starting with listening, focusing on speaking, reading and writing (in the courses that teach script as well as conversational skills) which would lead the student to speaking the language in a shorter period of time.

A post card from our archives, our classes run all year long, our e-mail address has changed, but we only have gotten better in what we do! "Helping spirits evolve.... one language at a time!"

Isn’t it time you learned to speak in another language?

Learning another language opens up new opportunities and gives you perspectives that you might never have encountered otherwise. Personal, professional, social, and economic considerations all point to the advantages of learning foreign languages.

LEARN: Arabic – Farsi –
Punjabi – Urdu – Hindi

Affordably and from qualified native speaking instructors

In brief, you should know the following about us: our Centre was established in 2007 and has been responsible for providing outstanding language learning classes for English speaking adults ever since. Our specialty is in the area of Arabic language instruction for a wide audience of English speakers (both conversational Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic). Our regular customers particularly value our unique interactional and simplified methodology and techniques of teaching the language in a manner that enables the student to feel confident, retain the knowledge, and be able to use what they learn from day one..



The Centre For Middle Eastern Studies & Languages
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